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Our “website” ( uses cookies to render its services simple and efficient for user browsing.
Users visiting the website will have small quantities of information stored on the devices they are using, be these computers or mobile devices, in the form of text files called “cookies” saved in the relevant folder used by the visitor’s Internet browser. There are different types of cookies. Some enhance website use while others enable specific functions. Our cookies serve specifically for: storage of selected preferences; avoiding having to repeatedly enter the same information during a visit, like for example username and password; analysis of use of services and content delivered by in order to optimize the navigation experience and services provided.

Types of cookies

Technical cookies
This type of cookie enables correct operation of certain website functions. They fall into two categories: persistent and session. Persistent cookies do not disappear when the browser is shut down, remaining until a predefined expiry date. Session cookies are instead cancelled when the browser is closed. These cookies are necessary for correctly viewing the website and for using the technical services provided. They are always set by the website unless users block them in their browser settings (thus inhibiting the display of the website pages).

Analytics cookies
Cookies in this category are used to collect information about website use. uses this information for anonymous statistical analysis with the purpose of improving the website user experience and making the content more interesting and relevant. This type of cookie collects anonymous data about user behaviour and how they arrived at the website. Analytics cookies are set directly by the website or by third party domains.

Third party service analytics Cookies
These cookies are used to collect anonymous information about the use of the website by visitors. This information can include: pages visited, permanence time, origin of arriving visitors, geographic origin, age, gender, and interests for the purpose of marketing campaigns. These cookies are set by third party domains external to the website.

Cookies that integrate third party software products and functions
This type of cookie integrates functions offered by third parties within the pages of the website. These might be icons and related options for sharing website content on social networks, or using third party software services (like map generating software, etc.). These cookies are set by third party domains and partner websites that offer services on the website pages.

Profiling cookies
These cookies are used for creating user profiles with the aim of sending advertising messages coherent with the interests expressed by users in the website pages.

According to the regulations in force, is not required to request consent for setting technical and analytics cookies, since these are required in order to deliver the services accessed. For all other cookie types, consent can be expressed or denied by users in one or more of the following ways: by specific configuration of the browser or other computer programs used for navigating the pages that make up the website; by choosing specific settings to exclude use of third party services. Either of these options could make it impossible for users to view or use certain sections of the website.

Third party websites and services
The website might contain hyperlinks to other websites covered by their own privacy policies, which might differ from that adopted by As a result, the latter cannot be held responsible for such websites.